Social Media Tips: 6 Ways To Help Grow Your Brand and Business

Social media is a great way to help grow a business and build a brand. Whether if you’re just starting out your business or you’ve already established a company of your own, you’ll need the help of social media. Here are some social media tips that you can follow to optimize your business. It will also help you take advantage of everything social media has to offer.


Come up with a schedule for all your postings. Posting up one tweet per day isn’t enough. Be smart about where you post your content for the best results. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are highly used by many people, so that is where you should be posting most of your content. Also, if you do not have accounts on those platforms, what are you waiting for? It is also very important to be consistent with the posting every week.

Questions you should think of before creating your posting schedule:

  • How often should you be posting?


  • What will the content be?


  • Where you should be posting (which social media platform)

Post MORE Images

Pictures are worth a thousand words, or so they say. Use more images in your social media posts so you do not have to use too many words to get your point across. Sometimes having a lengthy post can be a disadvantage to you. People often ignore posts with too many words as it can get boring. Besides that, an interesting image can also capture the attention of a viewer. For example platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest and primarily picture driven. It is no wonder these three social media platforms gained so much success compared to the others.

Don’t worry about the images as you can easily create your own. Tools like Canva can help you create images for all your social media channels, your images will also come out the perfect size for that particular social media platform.


Don’t be that company that only puts out content twice or three times everyday. The word “social” is in “social media” for a reason. Engage with your followers/customers when they have questions or give feedback. It is important to check your posts everyday to see if any of your followers have replied to them. Also, check to see if your company has been mentioned in any of your followers posts. A quick reply to their comments, retweeting and liking a positive post about your business will make a difference to your followers. Lets also not forget about the unhappy customers. Every company is bound to have a few of those. You should never neglect unhappy customers, always try to ask them if there is anyway you or your company can help them turn that frown upside down! Or apologize if a customer is unhappy with the service they have received. This will make them feel like the company is making an effort to interact with its customers and accepting feedback from its customers too.

Give People a Reason To Follow Your Social Media Platforms

You should always ask yourself this question, “Why would people follow you?”

Put yourself in your consumers shoes. There are so many other companies out there that they can follow, so why you? Think about what makes you different from your other competitors. Create value in your content, don’t just put out content for the sake of it. Most importantly, do not post content that you yourself do not find interesting!

Examples of content to share:

  • Behind the scenes of what happens in the office (Instagram or Twitter)


  • Share discount codes (Facebook or Twitter)


  • Share interesting facts about your business industry (Facebook)

Content that you put out on your social media platforms have to contain value and exclusivity. If you are constantly blasting out the same information everywhere then your social media posts will loose its value. An example that you could potentially do is, post up discount codes on Twitter and Twitter ONLY. This way users know to follow you on Twitter to watch out for discount codes.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to expand your reach on social media. Start including hashtags into your post if you wish to expand your reach and gain more followers and likes on your social media platforms and posts. However, there is a strategic approach to using hashtags to your advantage. Using random words as hashtags that has nothing to do with your business industry or company will lead you no where. Do research on the trending hashtags that are relevant to your industry and incorporate them into your postings. You could also use more generic and widely used hashtags as more people tend to search for those hashtags. But, the problem with generic hashtags are that because there are so many people using it as well, your content might be pushed to the bottom quickly. Viewers might not get the chance to see your post before thousands of other posts push it down.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Competitors

Watch your competitors who have a high number of followers, likes, retweets and interaction. See what they are posting and what their followers are interested in. You could also mimic their postings on your social media platforms. We do not advice that you copy their postings 100% but you could post similar content if both your businesses are in the same industry. Your customers will want to see unique and original content from you. Ripping off your competitors might just put your customers off.

Analyze what they are doing and what you are not.

Look at things like:

  • Content they are posting


  • People they follow


  • Who follows them


  • Posting schedule


  • Their popular posts

This will give you an idea on why your competitor has successful social media channels and why yours might not be doing as well compared.


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