4 Of The Most In Demand E-Commerce Skills

4 Of The Most In Demand E-Commerce Skills

Many brick and mortar today are struggling with bad sales and the endless rising of rents. Why? E-commerce is why. E-commerce is both the cause and solution. With online sales increasing everyday, there is a rising demand for e-commerce skills all around the world. Everything from retail stores trying to bulk up their online presences to big companies and startups looking to increase revenue. However, to help these businesses stay ahead in this very competitive digital marketplace, business are looking for employees who obtain e-commerce skills.

Software Development

4 Of The Most In Demand E-Commerce Skills (Software Development)

A software developer will help your business success in the e-commerce world. The e-commerce solution ocean is filled with endless possibilities, with capabilities such as automation, customer relationship management (CRM), web designing, customer service, marketing related functionality and so much more. This just means that companies need to hire a software developer that is fluent in the solution and will guarantee to provide the best ROI for their business.

Magento, Sitecore and InstanteStore are three of many e-commerce solutions that amoungst the growing enterprise of e-commerce business. There has been a rise in demand for software developers who specializes in these solutions. Fluency in these solutions is the key to identifying the best uses of them based on your specific business needs. As long as e-commerce companies are looking for different ways to sand out and up their game in online offerings, there will always be a demand for development talent.


4 Of The Most In Demand E-Commerce Skills (SEO)

Trying to get as many traffic and clicks to your e-commerce page is not an easy task. Of course, the top few companies that come up on the google search engine have the best SEO specialists. Those are also the one’s that most people click on. SEO (search engine optimization) encompass multiple marketing skills, such as copy writting, data analytics, A/B testing and of course an in-depth knowledge and understand of how to properly use keywords and content marketing.

There is no easy way to boost the SEO of an e-commerce business. It takes quite a lot of brain power, careful planning, data analysis and reporting, varied areas of marketing expertise and tons of patience to see all your hard work pay off. It will usually take some time for Google or other search engines to account for the changes you have made to your e-commerce page. As more and more e-commerce sites are created thanks to solutions that allow us to create an online store as easily as creating an e mail address, SEO will continue to be an important revenue driver for e-commerce sites. SEO will continue to be an in demand skill in the e-commerce future.

Data Analytics

4 Of The Most In Demand E-Commerce Skills (Data Analytics)

E-commerce business owners need to know who their customers are and how to reach them personally in this very crowded marketplace. Companies have to optimize their supply chain, improve operations and manage various facilities to gain more profit. This is where data analytics come in play.

Many businesses today struggle with an overwhelming sea of data and they do not know what to do with it. Data analytics experts will be able to take all that information and uncover the actionable information the business is missing. More and more companies today, rely heavily on data to inform them of their next business decisions. The demand for data analytics specialists have definitely increased tremendously. Data analytics will be one of the most if not the most in demand e-commerce skills in the coming years of technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

4 Of The Most In Demand E-Commerce Skills (Artificial Intelligence)

Everyone seems to be talking about artificial intelligence being the next big thing. Also, e-commerce being one of the industries that will be the most effected by the AI technology. Unfortunately, the truth is, AI will only continue to disrupt the way e-commerce companies do their business. An example would be the rise of chatbots in the industry. These types of technology will slowly come to replace certain e-commerce roles, especially the ones in the customer service line. Also, at the same time they provide new roles for exerts that specialize in how to best apply and utilize them.

In the near future, AI solutions will only become more refined and more uses for it will be discovered. The e-commerce industry will only continue to be one of the earliest to adopt the AI technology. This will cause a high demand for AI based skills.

The conclusion is, with e-commerce growing bigger and bigger, proving to be a major revenue generator of business, there will always be a demand for digital professionals with specific e-commerce skills.


Article originally by CIO, written by Gianna Scorsone on the 20th September 2017