Ecommerce Apparel Stores Offering Something New!

Ecommerce Apparel Stores Offering Something New!

In the very competitive ecommerce world, business owners and entrepreneurs need to embrace innovation and uniqueness in order to succeed. New business plans are constantly emerging, making it very hard and competitive.

The fashion sector is particularly interesting! Amazon recently just launched Amazon Prime Wardrobe. It is a service where it allows consumers to pick three or more items across shoes, clothing and accessories. Amazon will then send it over to its consumers door step (which is completely free by the way). The customer will then have 7 days to decide whether they would like to keep the items they have picked. Here comes the best part, the customer only pays for the items AFTER they decide which of the items they would like to keep! Besides that, Amazon provides its customers with a free and easy return service.

Other businesses today have taken inspiration from Amazon and and have started businesses which are similar. These innovative businesses are taking ecommerce fashion to a whole new level.

Crisp Clothing 

Crisp Clothing was founded by Swapnil and Prakash Kamble, a father and son duo. What Crisp Clothing does is it can tailor the perfect shirt for you according to your height and weight. The company uses what they all 3D measuring to achieve the perfect shirt for your body. I mean isn’t it a pain to find a perfect shirt to fit your body type? The company uses 100% Egyptian Giza cotton to make their handmaid tailored shirts. Customers have a wide array of colour, textures and patters to choose from. Not only that, customers can also pick the fit, collar, cuff, sleeve, pocket and more that they would like.

Crisp Clothing recently started a Kickstarted campaign to fund its project. This does not come to a surprise at all, but the cost of a shit is not cheap at all! However, pledging to the company’s campaign at the $78 level will get you one of their shirt.

What makes Crisp Clothing the innovative company that it is, is the approach it takes into crafting the perfect shirt. Besides that, the technology that they use gives the company a futuristic way to producing shirts that look and feel fantastic.

Trunk Club 

Trunk Club‘s concept is quite similar to Amazon Prime Wardrobe. However, Trunk Club has been around for a longer time than Amazon Prime has. Oh! It is also owned by big retailer Nordstrom.

How Trunk Club works is first, new customers has to answer a series of question about their preferred style, how the clothing should fit and the budget they are willing to pay. The customer will then be redirected to a personal stylist who will chat with the customer more to get a more in depth understanding of what the customer wants. However, talking to a stylist is not a must on the website.

When the customer approves of what is in the trunk, it will be delivered to the customer free of charge. The customer will then have 5 days to decide if they would like to keep the items or send them back. Customers can also either reorder according to his or her own schedule or set up a fixed delivery schedule.

What is great about the company is that it helps consumers save time! Consumers no longer have to go to a store to get what they want, it can be sent to them. Time can be a commodity in today’s busy world. With the rise of ecommerce fashion consumers do not HAVE to go to the mall that often anymore. Nordstrom’s Trunk club is a convenient way for busy people who still want to keep up with the latest fashion trends.


Bonobos is an ecommerce fashion company that makes tailored trousers. Just like shirts, it is difficult to find the perfect pair of trousers that fit you perfectly. To conquer this issue, Bonobos has developed a signature curved waistband that will help fit naturally around the waist. On top of that, the company offers free shipping and painless returns and exchanges.

Bonobos offers a service where customers can schedule a one hour appointment at one of their available Guideshop’s. Customers can also try on something from the store and find clothes that fit them perfectly with the help of a Guide. Get this, customers do not have to carry the items home themselves because Bonobos will send it to you!

The company is going a few noteworthy things to separate them from its competitors. Firstly, they came up with a solution to make wearing pants more comfortable. Second, the company creates a unique in store experience for its customers. A personalized experience its customers are sure to remember.


Entrepreneurs Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas decided to start an ecommerce fashion business based on transparency. Which is exactly what customers today want and love.

Transparency is where this ecommerce business stands out. Both the founders are very open about any and all information on the business. They offer a detailed breakdown of their products (e.g material, hardware, labor, duties and transport). Not to mention, they are also honest about the cost of their products! They also let customers know the reason they are selling it for.

Customers do not have to worry where their money is going with Everlane because they tell you everything. The reason why customers love transparency is because they feel like they can trust the brand. Though, transparency can not be adopted by all business it may be something to consider adding to your company.


Article originally written by the Entrepreneur on 28th June 2017. Contributed by Thomas Smale.