The things you buy on Amazon are more likely to come from the US than China

Don’t automatically assume that the off-brand case for your new iPhone 11 or the generic Halloween costume you just ordered from Amazon is being shipped from China. A new study by e-commerce analytics firm MarketPlace Pulse of the top 10,000 third-party sellers on revealed that US companies still dominate, though Chinese sellers account for more than a third of the marketplace. Just under half, or 47%, of the top sellers are based in the US, while 38% are based in China.

The success of Chinese sellers on Amazon can largely be attributed to the e-commerce giant’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, which allows China-based merchants to use Amazon to pack and ship their products around the world using the same two-day Prime shipping as US sellers. China’s membership in the Universal Postal Union (UPU) also allows it ship packages globally at subsidized rates. Even if a Chinese seller elects not to use Amazon’s fulfillment service, they can still opt for a special category of first-class mail known as “ePacket” that allows them to ship to US customers at less costly rates.

The Trump administration had previously threatened to put an end to cheap China-to-US shipping by leaving the UPU, but last week the US reached an agreement with the international body that would allow it to remain in exchange for setting its own inbound postage rates. The US Postal Service was scheduled to leave the UPU on Oct. 17,  which would have effectively ended the agreement that allowed Chinese businesses to ship items to the US at very little cost.

Percentage of China sellers on Amazon

Outside of the US, China has an even tighter grip on the e-commerce giant, where it accounts for 40% of the top merchants. China makes up 34% of top sellers in the UK, 47% in France, 45% in Italy, and 52% in Spain according to a MarketPlace Pulse study from May. Even if business in the US were to grind to a halt, it’s unlikely China’s dominance of global e-commerce will be threatened any time soon.

That being said, more Amazon marketplace products were shipped from one zipcode in Brooklyn, New York, than any other single place, MarketPlace Pulse found. The 11219 zip code in the Borough Park neighborhood took top billing, and is home to a group of Orthodox Jews who have built a small empire selling products through Amazon, BuzzFeed recently reported.

Article from by Amrita Khalid

8 Keys For Great UX Design For Online Businesses

The main aim for great UX (User Experience) is to make each user feel as though the site was made just for them. In order to do this, UX designers need to know who are their target audience BEFORE having the site designed or built for clients.

It’s not just the design that plays the main role but also the site content. The aim is to wow the user and convince them to take the desired action. In order to do that, there’s 8 keys for great UX design for online businesses which needs to pass the test.

5 Second Rule

Anyone landing on the desired site be it from referral, organic search or paid search should find the answers to what they’re looking for. Visitors should know what your site is all about within the first 5 seconds of landing there. All your visuals, content, information, call to action, purpose of your site should be clear and convincing.

5 seconds. That’s when users form their first impression and decide whether they want to continue exploring your site further or just plain leave. If your site’s message is not clear or the content wasn’t convincing enough, that’s the end of the journey for the user – 5 seconds. Remember that.

Clear Communication

Most users land on your site from outside links like search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo or social media based on recommendations. Hence many users have a particular goal when they choose to visit your site.

Your site needs to meet their goal by offering engaging, relevant and valuable info through an easy to use interface which shows clear communication.

ALL your website pages need to be UX designed to clearly communicate the information that users will be looking for when they land there. Because if they can’t find what they’re looking for or if they don’t even know what your site is all about, that’s going to contribute to high bounce rates.

Minimalist Look

The information presented to users on your site needs to be clean and simple to understand. If there’s any element of the page that does not need to be there, please get rid of it.

When it comes to clear copy, communicating key information in fewer words is more effective than writing long paragraphs of text that users will not be bothered to read.

Stay away from clutter. If you have a lot of info to present, keep them in point form and arrange them neatly. Do not distract users with unnecessary decorative elements as people these days want to find what they’re looking for fast.

Design Consistency

Keeping design consistency across all your pages will enable users to find information easily instead of having to look all over the entire site. Important information should be easily accessible no matter which page you browse to.

Main menu, side bars or footers need to be consistent. Same thing when a user clicks on a link, it needs to open a new window. Consistency helps users learn how to navigate through your site quickly and effectively.

Cross Platform Standard

Your site needs to look consistent across all platforms be it from desktop to tablets to mobiles.

Being mobile friendly and responsive is one of the main criteria search engines like Google look for when they rank sites.

Some of the best ways to learn what elements to maintain and show is to look for time and tested proven sites who have spent a fair amount of money testing their design out.

You’ll also need to ensure that your site looks consistent across different types of browsers as well.

Organized Information

The information you put on your website needs to be arranged and grouped into different pages. These pages will be linked to your main menu. In each page, you’ll need to organize the information.

When users land on any page, they should see all the main information at one glance which should be concise and straight to the point instead of having to scroll down to look for it.

Targeted Audience

The type of content you place on your site and on different pages need to have the ability to influence and convince users of your site’s credibility.

Your entire site needs to be designed to target your audience group with the aim to get them to take the desired action.

Different age groups have different attention span along with their preferred browsing device which is now mostly geared towards mobile. Design your site according to the needs of your target audience.

Clear Action Steps

Your site needs to have clear call to action for users. Your site’s purpose is to provide the information that users are looking for when they land there and to get them to take the appropriate action. That can be in the form of making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or contacting you for further information depending on what your site’s all about.

What is the desired action that you want users to take when they land on your site? Your UX design needs be like a smooth runway for them to easily know where you want them to go and to take the action you want them to take when they’re there.

Does Your Current Site Meet These UX Criteria?

Follow these 8 keys to creating great UX design that will delight users. At Logo Design Studio, our professional designers offer UX design services to help businesses reach their target audience. These design services ranges from logo design creation to website design to marketing materials and social media complementing any business.

Ecommerce Strategy: 5 Ways To Improve Your Business

ecommerce strategy

To all the entrepreneurs and businesses who are looking to break into the ecommerce world, the process might be a bit overwhelming. The ecommerce sector presents itself with endless opportunities for retailers and brands. For all the business who are seeking to take advantage of this every growing sector, there maybe some tough decisions you have to make. In the crowded ecommerce sector, every business is struggling to get the smallest opportunity with today’s tough  competition. Here are 5 ecommerce marketing tips to help improve your business growth.

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