ecommerce strategy

Ecommerce Strategy: 5 Ways To Improve Your Business

ecommerce strategy

To all the entrepreneurs and businesses who are looking to break into the ecommerce world, the process might be a bit overwhelming. The ecommerce sector presents itself with endless opportunities for retailers and brands. For all the business who are seeking to take advantage of this every growing sector, there maybe some tough decisions you have to make. In the crowded ecommerce sector, every business is struggling to get the smallest opportunity with today’s tough  competition. Here are 5 ecommerce marketing tips to help improve your business growth.

1.  Target and Personalize 

Target and personalizing your marketing strategy

According to an article by Janrain, 74% of people who shop online are annoyed by ads, promotions and offers that are irrelevant to their interests. Who wouldn’t be right? In today’s world, blasting out the same advertisement to everyone no longer works. Customers today prefer a shopping experience that is tailored to what they like and what they are searching for. The more targeted the advertisements the higher the chances of customers making a purchase.

At this point you’re probably wondering HOW you can make your ads more targeted to each and every single one of your audiences. There is the good old fashion way of doing it, which is by conducting a survey and collecting personal information from all your customers through email. However, in 2017 there are marketing engine’s that can make your life so much easier! Example of a marketing engine that can help you is Retaily. Retaily can track all your visitors, segment your customers, send triggered messages, push notification and of course send out targeted emails to your customers.

Tip: When personalizing your marketing messages, remember to keep it to a professional level and not over-personalize it or else it may backfire. There’s a fine line between using a shopper’s personal information for customizing the messages and invading ones privacy.

2. Get Rid of Slow Selling Items

Sale is a good way you can clear your stock

Items that are not selling as well can cut down cash flow and prevent a business from developing as trends change. Having a sale to clear all the extra stock is the best way you can get rid of stock and still be earning some revenue. Not to mention, its going to cost you much more to keep your stock rather then selling them off a lower price.

Check out this blog post by Instantestore on how Discounts and Offers Can be An Advantage To Your Business

3. Live Chat System

Live chat system

Many ecommerce businesses today are adopting the live chat system onto their websites. This option allows the business to directly answer any questions that their customers might have on the spot. This opportunity can higher the chances of a conversion rate or enhance the customer’s shopping experience. According to an article by Econsultancy, a survey has found that 31% of online shoppers in the U.S. and UK say that they are more likely to buy something after using the live chat feature to ask questions on items they are not sure about.

The reason why customers appreciate the live chat system so much is because it allows them to save time. People are always eager for a quick response especially when they are excited to make a purchase. Nobody likes to email customer service and wait for 2 days before they get an answer to a question than takes less than 5 minutes to answer. With a quick answer, customers can make a quick decision which will then lead them to make a quick purchase!

4. Free Shipping

Free shipping

Everyone loves free stuff! Online shoppers are more likely to buy when a retailer offers free shipping. I know I have personally fell victim to the free shipping even though sometimes I might not have the intention to buy anything. Ecommerce business should offer their customers free shipping if they don’t already. A survey shows that 84% of its respondents are more likely to shop on ecommerce sites that offer free shipping and 75% said that they are more likely to shop if there is a free shipping promotion, rather than any other kinds of promotions and offers. So if you want to stay ahead with your competitors in the 2017 ecommerce world, free shipping is a great leverage to have.

5. Make Your Company More Trustworthy

customer reviews and opinions

As much as we hate to admit it, social media has taken over our lives! No matter what we do there is no doubt that we are on social media looking for some justification. How do you find out if a restaurant or a product is any good today? Through social media right? No matter what it is we want to do we always look for reviews online before actually doing it. According to an infographic  by Instantestore, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people that they know whereas 70% of consumers trust peer experiences posted online.

Customer feedback is very important to a company. Good reviews can help you gain the trust of new customers, when on the other hand bad reviews can help you learn from your mistakes and improve to make your business better. Customer testimonials are more influential than any written sales pitch, as these opinions are honest and not biased of the company.

You can also add a “testimonials” section on your ecommerce landing page so that it is the first thing new customers will see.







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